Beautiful Putten

Putten is an idyllic village surrounded by the Veluwe, with heathlands, forests, lakes and polders. But Putten offers more than just a picturesque scenery; here you can find a cozy terrace, unique boutiques, tastings, workshops and a weekly market. Come and explore Putten and discover all the village has to offer!


Sights & activities

Putten is a charming village full of things to do. There are beautiful estates like Schovenhorst, where you can visit a Adventure Playground, lookout tower and Arboretum. Prefer to be more active? You can go golfing, stargazing, take a tour of the steam mill or try a roadtrip with a lunchbox. Besides these activities, there is also a variety of stores, including home decor shops. In short, there is something for everyone! Putten is also noteworthy when it comes to food. You can find exclusive dishes but also a tasty snack in a cozy eatery, a pastry in a Tea House or a barbecue on demand. Putten has plenty to offer in terms of activities and delicious food, so make sure not to miss out on this village!



Putten is the perfect destination for nature lovers! All year round visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature. In the winter, hikers can, with a bit of luck, ice skate on the lake or go sledding. In spring, nature blossoms in full glory, while the summer offers a cool refuge in the forests. In autumn, the surroundings transform into a picturesque palette of colors. There are numerous cycling routes and hiking trails, such as the Twilight Walk and the Clog Paths. Visitors can enjoy peaceful picnic spots and an adventure in the countryside. Come to Putten and experience the heart-warming beauty of nature!



Beach Nulde is the place for swimmers and sun worshippers to enjoy. Let children play with the many activities and playgrounds, like volleyball and water sports. Enjoy the snack bar and events at the special area or visit the marina, campground and hotel. There is always something going on at Beach Nulde!


Cycling and walking

Putten is the perfect base for adventurous cycling and walking tours through the Veluwe. Let yourself be enchanted by the vast polder area, alternating with the captivating forest, and enjoy the cozy village life. Discover the unique spots, admire the beauty of the surroundings and be surprised by the fresh air, wide-open views and the tranquility of nature. Choose one of the beautiful forest routes or be surprised by the landscape while walking one of the many clog paths. Let yourself be swept away by the unparalleled beauty of Putten and its surroundings!


With children

Embark on a whitewater adventure at the swimming pool, or build a hut in the Adventure Playground and Climbing Forest of Schovenhorst estate. Whatever you choose, there is plenty of fun to be had in Putten. On a sunny day, go on the family cycling route along the sheepfold or the forest tower. On a rainy day you can go bowling or play a round of mini golf at the covered course. And don’t forget the Pick Your Own Garden, where you can pick your own veggies. End your day with a delicious pancake or an ice cream, and you will have had the perfect day!


In short, you will not get bored in and around Putten!