Terms and Conditions

You can reserve various holiday homes through our website Heerlijkplekje.nl. Heerlijk plekje mediates in the realization of the agreement between you and the landlord.

We do our best to inform you correctly, but it is possible that information on Heerlijkplekje.nl is incorrect by mistake. Photos and other information may inadvertently create an incorrect image. As soon as we notice that, we will improve the information. The definitive departure and arrival times are always stated in your booking confirmation.

The following General booking conditions of Heerlijk plekje (version May 2019) apply.

I. Definitions

  1. Heerlijk plekje: a private rental agency that mediates in the rental of holiday home (s) on behalf of holiday home owners and their representatives.
  2. The tenant: the person (m / f) who rents the holiday home in his or her name.
  3. The landlord: Heerlijk plekje.
  4. The internet site: Heerlijkplekje.nl
  5. The rental agreement: an agreement for (rental) rental of a holiday home that is deemed to have been concluded between the tenant and the owner.

II. Reservation and cancellation

  1. A reservation for a holiday home from Heerlijk plekje is exclusively made via internet, by mail or by telephone. After booking, the lessor confirms the reservation with an invoice.
  2. Heerlijk plekje has the right to refuse a reservation without giving a reason.
  3. The costs per reservation are € 22.50.
  4. With a double booking, Heerlijk plekje makes an alternative offer. This offer must be at least equivalent to the original offer. Any additional costs are for the account of Heerlijk plekje. If the tenant does not wish to make use of the alternative offer, a full refund of the amount already paid to Heerlijk plekje follows.
  5. The payment must be paid within fourteen days after confirmation of the reservation to the account of Heerlijk plekje.
  6. After receiving the payment to Heerlijk plekje, the reservation becomes definitive and the rental agreement is concluded. In case of cancellation by the tenant after this confirmation, costs are therefore due.
  7. A cancellation can only be passed on by mail or telephone.
  8. In the event of cancellation by the tenant, cancellation costs will be charged in addition to the reservation costs due.
    – Cancellation from the 21th the day before arrival: 70% of the rent
  9. In consultation with the lessor the lease can be transferred to a different name. This does not affect the responsibility of the tenant who originally entered into the lease.
  10. Heerlijk plekje does not offer cancellation insurance, which the tenant must take out himself if desired.

III. Payment

  1. The tenant must pay the rent (including reservation and cleaning costs, bed linen rental and tourist tax) to Heerlijk plekje no later than two weeks after booking.
  2. If the rent is not paid on time, the tenant is in default. The tenant will be informed of this by Heerlijk plekje in writing. The tenant then has the option to pay the amount due within seven days. If payment is not made again, the rental agreement has actually been canceled and Heerlijk plekje has the right to charge the due reservation and cancellation costs. Money that has already been paid will be deducted from the reservation and cancellation costs.
  3. If the lease is concluded within four weeks of the day of arrival, the entire rent must be paid immediately.
  4. Early departure – regardless of cause or cause – does not lead to a refund of the rent paid and other costs incurred such as costs for reservation and cleaning.
  5. If Delicious place due to force majeure, for example due to destruction, fire damage, natural violence or other forms of force majeure, is forced to cancel the lease, he will notify the tenant of this by e-mail. Heerlijk plekje is committed to immediate repayment of amounts already paid. The tenant has no other right than to reclaim this amount.
  6. If the owner of the holiday home (s) in which Heerlijk plekje mediates, sells his property while the owner still has a lease obligation, Heerlijk plekje will, together with the tenant, recover the damage from the owner or provide an equivalent or better alternative.
  7. The tourist tax on Texel is € 1.85 per person per night with a maximum of seven consecutive nights. (rate 2018/2019 municipality of Texel)

IV. Deposit

  1. Heerlijk plekje can request a deposit from the tenant at the request of the owner. Damage as stated in Article V can be deducted from the deposit.

V. Liability

  1. People under 21 years old are not rented. Without accompanying older person, who is obliged to remain present for the entire rental period, access to the house will be refused on arrival. In case of doubt, the lessor can ask for identification. In case of violation, the tenant will be ordered to leave the house immediately. Amounts paid will not be refunded.
  2. The tenant remains legally liable for damage that he has caused, even if this damage is determined after the stay. Detected damage will be charged to the tenant. If the tenant finds damage on arrival, he will report this to the landlord on the day of arrival.
  3. The tenant is legally responsible for his (non) actions as well as the actions of his fellow residents and visitors, as well as for the damage they cause. The renter must be insured against civil liability.
  4. The tenant accepts that he or she can under no circumstances hold the landlord liable for damage and / or loss of income caused to the tenant, his co-residents or visitors, goods or pets during the stay. If applicable, the tenant undertakes to report the complaints in question directly to Heerlijk plekje.
  5. If the tenant is of the opinion that the leased property does not meet the expectations raised on him on the website, in brochures or other advertisements, then this is no reason for the lessee to reclaim part or all of the rent. Any repayments for which Heerlijk plekje is prepared must be immediately accepted by the tenant.
  6. Heerlijk plekje cannot be held liable for injury to children or others on existing playground equipment. Moreover, Heerlijk plekje assumes that an adult is present at all times when minors use these devices. This does not affect the fact that the tenant ensures that the playground equipment is in good condition.

VI. Number of persons

  1. The maximum number of people allowed to spend the night in a holiday home (s) according to specifications must not be exceeded.
    2. If the rental agreement is exceeded, the rental agreement will be considered dissolved by operation of law and access to the holiday home (s) will be denied or denied without reimbursement or reimbursement.

VII. Cleaning

  1. Complaints about the cleaning of the holiday home / holiday homes must be reported upon arrival at Heerlijk plekje so that all this can be resolved in consultation.
  2. Any financial compensation for complaints that are not immediately reported is excluded.

VIII. To smoke

  1. Smoking indoors is not permitted.

IX. Pets

  1. Pets are allowed in the park and therefore not in the holiday home (s).

X. Arrival and departure times

  1. Arrival time is from 3 pm. If the tenant arrives later than agreed, he must inform Heerlijk plekje in order to guarantee a full service.
  2. Departure is by 10 a.m. at the latest.
  3. If the tenant nevertheless exceeds the departure time, a subsequent rental period may be charged and all resulting costs and any claims from subsequent tenants will be borne by the exceeding tenant.

XI. Accessibility Heerlijk plekje

  1. Heerlijk plekje can be reached during office hours from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Lovely spot is not available during recognized holidays. You can reach Heerlijk plekje via the details below:
    Email: info@heerlijkplekje.nl or telephone: +316 511 08 021

XII. Complaints

  1. Annoying if you have complaints. If you have any complaints about the website, the booking process, the holiday home / holiday homes or your stay, please let us know as soon as possible so that everything can be resolved in consultation.

XIII. Responsibilities and obligations

  1. In connection with the smooth running of the stay, the tenant is obliged to comply with these general terms and conditions and is held legally liable for the damage resulting from non-compliance with generally applicable rules of conduct or these terms and conditions.
  2. The tenant undertakes to respect the rented property, including household effects and surroundings, including the noise level in the area.
  3. The tenant is obliged to grant access to the house or garden for necessary repairs and garden maintenance.
  4. The tenant must provide clean and empty household appliances such as washing machine, tumble dryer, oven or dishwasher upon departure. In case of non-compliance, this can be charged.
  5. Use of sound, image and household equipment is subject to proper operation.
  6. Use of WiFi is subject to proper operation.
  7. The tenant will only deposit his waste in the designated garbage containers that are located on the grounds of the holiday home (s).
  8. The tenant must manage the whole as if it were his property and as befits a good family man.