Texel is the largest Wadden island in the Netherlands. The island is on average 8 km wide and 20 km long and therefore has an area of approximately 170 km². Texel has fantastic beaches. More than 30 kilometers of white sandy beach is waiting for you! Take a lovely walk on the beach, let the wind blow through your hair or enjoy the sun. Every season the Texel beach has its own face, but it is always enjoyable.

Safe swimming

Beach surveillance is deployed on a large number of beach strokes on Texel in the summer. Well-trained lifeguards ensure that you can safely swim in the marked areas.


Texel is a paradise for walkers. Walking on Texel means enjoying peace and space in the great outdoors. There are several walking routes for young and old on Texel. Discover the forest, the dunes and the beach of Texel on foot. Enjoy the unspoilt nature trails or choose paved roads through the most beautiful nature. Enjoy the silence of the Waddendijk or stroll along the nicest shops and terraces in one of the seven villages on Texel. Come and see birds in the De Schorren nature reserve. Listen to the sounds of eider ducks, black-tailed godwits and herring gulls. Exploring Texel on foot is really enjoying!


Cycling is a favorite activity for many Dutch people. Enjoy relaxing on the bike. Texel is the bicycle island par excellence. With more than 140 kilometers of cycle paths you will pass dunes, forests and beaches. Discover the unspoiled nature. Relaxing alone or with the whole family. The cycling routes take you past the most beautiful places on Texel. You can bring your own bike or rent a bike from one of the many bike rental companies on the island. Are you a sporty cyclist? Then discover the challenging ATB route through the Dennenbos.



Parachuting is on the bucket list of many people: “I want to have done that at least once in my life!” That’s not surprising, because parachuting is an intense and unforgettable experience …


Where: Postweg 128, De Cocksdorp
tandem jump from € 199.
paracentrum Texel

Sightseeing flights

Also view Texel from the air! Tessel Air organizes sightseeing flights for young and old. You can choose from a flight of 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes where you can often fly yourself …


Where: Postweg 128, De Cocksdorp
sightseeing flight from € 49.50
Tessel air

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